The 2017 Spring semester of Life Groups is no longer open for sign ups as of March 11. The next semester will start in September.

Q: What is a Life Group?
A: Life Groups serve as a basis for healthy community. They are groups of 10-14 people who meet in homes to connect with others, dig deeper into the previous Sunday’s teaching and growing in relationships and spiritual maturity. The groups meet for 10-12 week semesters in the fall and spring and are available to a range of demographics and meeting times each week.

Q: What if I can’t commit to being in a group for 10 weeks?
A: We realize everyone’s schedule is full and it may be hard to commit to a 10-12 week Life Group. However, the more consistent the groups are the more connection and growth can happen within each group. With shift work we know it is a struggle but we encourage everyone to make as many group sessions as they can.